Research papers
  • Ștefania Matei & Cosima Rughiniș. 2024. “Hiding in plain sight: massive gender displays and the ambivalent reproduction of gender status”. Gender, Place and Culture. [Online first]
  • Ștefania Matei. 2023. “The Technological Mediation of Collective Memory Through Historical Video Games”. Games and Culture. [Online first] [WOS:001087696300001]
  • Marian Preda & Ștefania Matei. 2023. “Teaching time as a social imaginary. Using speculative fabulation to deconstruct the hegemonic temporalities of modernity”. Time & Society. 32(3): 317-335 [WOS:001038722100001]
  • Ștefania Matei, Cosima Rughiniș, Daniel Rosner și Răzvan Rughiniș. 2021. “Gender status inertia in biographical films: an overview of the motion picture industry from 1900 to 2017”. Feminist Media Studies. 23(2):472-490 [WOS:000702656500001]
  • + 1 submitted article (under anonymized peer-review)
Conference presentations
  • 2022: The technological mediation of historical empathy and the sociotechnical politics of collective memory, Philosophy of Human-Technology Relations, July 5-7, Copenhagen, Denmark (author: Stefania Matei)
  • 2021: Preserving accurate historical sources for future generations: The role of artifical intelligence in collective remembering and forgetting, Sociological Knowledges for Alternative Futures, August, 31 – September, 3, Barcelona, Spain – Oral presentation (author: Stefania Matei)
  • 2020: Commemoration as a Technique of the Self: Subject Constitution through Collaborative Biographical Writing, Philosophy of Human-Technology Relations, November 4-7, Enschede, Netherlands – Oral presentation (author: Stefania Matei)
Visiting research stages
  • Netherlands, University of Twente, Design Lab, April – June 2022 (mentor: Miriam Iliohan)